Summer solstice (Bangalore, India) baby. Reads a lot of "Tell Me Why". First signs of Compulsive Disorder exhibited by continuous streams of queries.


Plays with Voitlander in 1981. Computers take hold in early 1983. Fascinated with Bermuda Triangle, Yeti and Loch Ness Monster. Philosophy, non-fiction, gadgets, system coding, stereo bugs bite hard.


Training in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Studying Artificial Neural Networks and trades stocks while in school. Obsessive compulsive about financial markets. Turns into a Quantitative Portfolio Manager at SAC Capital Management. Lives in LCD lit trading cave, sleeps with pagers/quotes etc.,


Obsessed with financial markets. Actively travels around the world to pursue personal investments and Photography. Current interests span photographic expeditions to remote places, Economics, Finance, Poetry, Japanese movies, Quantum Mechanics, Recreational Mathematics, Non Fiction, Philosophy (especially Advaita). World Music, Gadgets (lots of blinking lights and controls'', and Scuba Diving. Begins to like cloud shaping.

An unequivocal wanderlust, still remains ...Just a Concept!".